This is an article I wrote for the Manhattan Libertarian Party website about an issue I feel very strongly about. I encourage you to read the article and check out the site, you might find some things you agree with. RESURRECT THE VOTE It’s 2016 and we are in the midst of another election season. … More RESURRECT THE VOTE

Persona Poetry

A persona poem is a poem written from the point of view of someone or something other than the author. Can you figure out who this poem is “written” by?   First off stop the nonsense about me losing my fire I only lost one match in my life I’m not about to retire All … More Persona Poetry


This is a quick post about what I am looking forward to seeing tonight while watching the Super Bowl. The ads are a huge part of the event and I especially look forward to seeing what movie trailers are unveiled and there are potentially a lot of good trailers that could air tonight. Of course … More SUPER BOWL 50 ADS