First off stop the nonsense about me losing my fire

I only lost one match in my life I’m not about to retire

All these haters who want to see my legacy cut short

I’m the woman who single handedly created a sport

Carried women’s mixed martial arts on my shoulders and back

I fear nothing and no one so you’d be a fool to attack

Get up in my face and wind up on your back

I’m still the best female fighter on the planet it’s just the belt that I lack

These chicks were scared to death in the ring praying to lose

The fight quickly hoping to only escape with a bruise

And any chick talkin’ trash at the prefight, what kind of stuff was she smokin’

I guarantee by the end of the night the fight ends with her arm nearly broken

Went to Hollywood held my own with the action hero elite

I’m just getting warmed up my career isn’t close to complete

Any comments about my body will probably result in your harm

I’m not some do nothing b—ch who’s just gonna hang on your arm

If you’re the kind of dude that can’t stand a female as your boss

You wanna see my downfall and laughed at my loss

It doesn’t mean that I’m washed up, done, I’m not super powered

I’d rather lose a fight on the attack than win it being a coward

From the beginning of the fight ‘til I wound up on the ground

I stayed heavy on the offensive every second of each of the rounds

Scumbags will say what they will say whisper and pray for my fall

They don’t matter I know that I’m the best so how I feel is f—k ‘em all