I’m not impressed by this mess Barack successfully runnin’

I’m the one J. Edgar knew and was afraid would be comin’

Had COINTELPRO in the lab to stop mass liberation from starting

it’s too late I’m the reincarnation of the combination of Malcolm and Martin

Garvey and Turner in the flesh without boats or a burner

of course Vesey but less messy and I utter Sojourner

Despite conversations with connotations this is the best of all nations

instead of liberty’s foundation I see brilliant public relations

amnesia and self-serving revisions about how all of this really started

When people with Ph.Ds. and advanced degrees suddenly are retarded

I know the elephants and asses aren’t enemies though you might be convinced

It’s Degeneration X beefing with The Nation and the scripts are written by Vince

two separate celebrations with a singular aim opposing sides collaborating which means the rest of us are losing the game

so called constitutionalists wanna rant and attack the methods of POTUS

but none of these freedom lovers or their leftist brothers stood with

Commey against Codis

I could be Hannity with humanity but speak with 95% less insanity

but since people act like it’s profanity not to speak with patriotic and delusional vanity

maybe I should speak much less candidly and spout pop Christianity with Sarah Palin’s inanity

it’s not very likely may lightning strike me if it’s not truth that surrender isn’t part of my psyche

tell Samuel my father’s brother just to leave me alone

or follow this suggestion go copulate with your clone

some will tell me just to shut up stop complaining I was rightly restricted

I instruct you to get a clue I spent fifteen years in prison without being convicted

just let it go go with the flow Aaron stop being defiant

not a chance they took their stance now they’ve woken a giant

I refuse to sit back and cower from now till I breathe my last hour

I stand demand what I am owed and vow to speak truth to power