I am Aaron Commey  a political activist, writer, poet and more. As a political activist I am the Director of Media Relations and Director of Events for the Manhattan Libertarian Party. I truly believe in the principles of securing freedom for the people from government overreach, corruption and other forms of malfeasance. My poetry covers a wide range of subject matter from politics to relationships and various social issues. I am currently writing my first full length novel and my memoir.

I am a survivor of mental illness and am very candid about my past struggle with mental illness and the impact my illness had on both my life and the lives of others. After  15 years of incarceration I have reentered society with a vastly different outlook than I once held. I am committed to using my recovery from mental illness and my other personal experiences to help make a positive contribution to my community and to society as a whole. I also use my knowledge of law and my extensive public speaking experience to further these aims.



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