Phantom Foundations Part 1

Based upon nothing at all

from creation destined to fall

tactics designed specifically just to stall

it’s been prophesied greatness would come from the small

hiding under rocks searching for someone to call

it’s ironic like Sonic fools move fast like bionic

to do wrong they get strong destruction’s on like atomic

but my evil’s without equal when I’m defendin’ the people

and the ones I’m protectin’ switch sides like terminator in sequel

so I chill and say fuck it drama comes I’m ‘a duck it

which means I’m avoidin’ the container while you’re kickin’ the bucket

I’m not worried rats can scurry

best get gone in a hurry

changing the subject people love it when the issues get blurry

blame improperly assigned’s

a strategy that’s designed

fabrication of association’s infiltration of mind

recipe for disaster towards chaos inclined

master chefs their adding of ingredients are expertly timed

I’ve reached the apex of the pyramid you know how far that I’ve climbed

could sense the misteps of another but can’t see that you’re blind

in the midst of war convinced of the Apocalypse’s end

raked fire to your bosom like enemy is your friend

intentionally ignorant of what it takes to ascend

easily taken in by these simple games of pretend


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