This is a quick post about what I am looking forward to seeing tonight while watching the Super Bowl. The ads are a huge part of the event and I especially look forward to seeing what movie trailers are unveiled and there are potentially a lot of good trailers that could air tonight. Of course there is one trailer I want to see above all others but here are the runner-ups. Batman v Superman the last trailer to be released showed perhaps too much but it would still be great to see some new footage provided it doesn’t give away the movie’s ending (again). Then there is Captain America: Civil War which already has the best trailer of the upcoming films so it would be interesting to see if they could top that. X-men: Apocalypse is a highly anticipated offering but the trailers have not yet hit the mark, maybe that changes tonight. This next film would have been my most anticipated possible trailer if it wasn’t replaced a few weeks ago, but I am eagerly awaiting the first footage of The Magnificent Seven to be unveiled. Will it happen tonight? I don’t know but I’m hoping. And last but most certainly not least I am salivating over the possibility no matter how slight that we who didn’t make it to Sundance can get the slightest glimpse of The Birth of A Nation tonight during the Super Bowl, I wouldn’t just be amped to see the trailer for myself but by the exposure the movie would get if that happens! I’ve got my fingers crossed. Enjoy the Super Bowl


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