Earlier this month Stacey Dash made some comments on the need to get rid of BET and Black history month. She came under fire from many people for these comments and received some support from white people who feel slighted by things like BET and Black History Month. After her on air comments to Steve Doocy during Fox and Friends she repeated her call to end black history month and bet as segregation. She later added that according to a 60 minutes interview Morgan Freeman agreed with her.

A couple of days ago Stacey wrote a blog where she clarified her reasoning behind these statements. Among other things she stated that black history should not be limited to just one month and that black history should be taught “EVERYDAY OF EVERY MONTH OF EVERY YEAR”. She adds that black people should not be settling for breadcrumbs. This is an interesting statement and one that I feel a lot of Stacey’s critics could agree with. It is most interesting to me that this is similar to what Jada Pinkett Smith said in her post where she announced that she would not be attending the Oscars.

I am led to question whether Stacey Dash saw Jada’s statement in it’s entirety or read Spike Lee’s statement. I don’t think she did, in fact I think she heard a secondhand account of the boycott and proceeded to voice her opinion based on how the boycott was summarized to her, most likely from people who were not much in favor of the boycott anyway. I say this because there was a portion of Stacey’s interview where she stated that changes needed to be made in the higher echelons of Hollywood so that there are a greater amount of roles made available to actors of color. This is nearly identical to Spike Lee’s statement about the battle being against the gatekeepers who decide what gets made.

I am just curious if there is a significant amount of consensus between black conservatives and black liberals how much more power would the black community have in effectuating real and lasting change for ourselves and our posterity?


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