Donald Trump is an absolute moron, and I’m not just some liberal democrat who is trying to bash the Republican Frontrunner, I’m someone who’s sat and watched the sideshow that is the Republican race and wondered who is pulling the strings that have catapulted a cartoon character to the head of the pack. I have heard the argument that it’s because he speaks his mind and people are sick of lying, two faced equivocating politicians, but that doesn’t ring true for two reasons.

1) He’s not the first politician to speak his mind about the opposing party and his own, he’s not even the best example of such. Ron Paul is an example of someone who went directly at both Republicans and Democrats making it clear that he was in opposition to certain practices regardless which party was behind it and yet he did not receive the press and attention that Trump is getting; and 2) If a person speaks their mind bluntly and without reservation I only believe that people will identify with the speaker if the things they say aren’t completely and totally insane.

If Donald Trump had good ideas or even just bold innovative methods to address certain problems it would be understandable that he could develop a large and loyal following even if you don’t agree with his solutions. One of the main issues with his campaign is (I say one of because there are MANY) that he doesn’t have solutions as much as he has complaints and I guess that’s one of the reasons so many people find themselves agreeing with him because we all see a lot of the same problems with government today. The surprising thing is that at what point do the people that find themselves nodding their heads in agreement stop and notice that he hasn’t actually offered a solution yet.

Now some will say but wait he actually has offered a solution to stop terrorism. And before you even finish that sentence I’m already shaking my head. Because you’re no doubt referring to his plan to stop all Muslims from entering the country which if people weren’t so appalled by the blatant bigotry and illegality of the idea they would see the utter stupidity in his plan. Because if you give it any thought you will ask but wait how will you know if someone is Muslim or not? Which brings us to the sheer brilliance of Trump’s proposal: to ask them Are you a Muslim? If they say yes, then they are not allowed in this country. I am not making this up, that was what Donald Trump actually said in a television interview.

This is the sort of genius we can expect from Donald Trump should he become President. The man who would fight terrorism with the honor system. I can just imagine if, or when his ban on Muslims is declared unconstitutional he realizes that he can just ban terrorists from entering the country using the same system. It would probably work something like this:

Customs agent: Are you a terrorist?

Islamic State militant: Uh, … no?

Customs agent: Are you sure you’re not a terrorist?

Islamic State militant: Yes.

Customs agent: Yes you’re sure not a terrorist or yes you are a terrorist?

Islamic State militant: Yes I am sure I am not a terrorist. (looking around nervously for the hidden camera from what surely must be an episode of Punk’d)

Customs agent: Ok sir, since you’ve passed the test, we won’t need to screen your baggage. Welcome to America!

This is the man people have catapulted to the front of the pack of the Republican race. What does that say about the people who swear he will make a good President or even a mildly competent one?

Well at a time when The Force has Awakened I am reminded of the words of an old Jedi Master: Who’s the more foolish the fool or the fool who follows him?


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