Black lives don’t matter… to many people in this country. There are many people who will proudly proclaim that they don’t care how many black people die because it’s not enough. Of course however the majority of people in this country whether they feel that way or not will not advertise such beliefs due to this society’s aversion to blatant, overt and unapologetic racism.

But there is resistance to not just the Black Lives movement but to the actual phrase. I have no doubt that some of the resistance is from people who quietly believe Black lives don’t matter. But there are others who think that the phrase has a silent word, and they’re right that there is a silent word but they are wrong about what the word is. These individuals think the silent word is “more” and the actual phrase is Black lives matter more but that is not the actual phrase. The actual phrase is Black lives matter TOO with the “too” being silent.

As for their resistance to the movement there are those who know exactly what the movement is about but intentionally mischaracterize it to gain more support for their efforts to continue to marginalize black people. These are the people who suddenly trot out statistics about “black on black” crime when a law enforcement officer murders a black person. They are the ones who pretend suddenly to care about the black victims of a black murderer and ask why nobody is talking about or protesting these crimes. And it turns out they are 100% wrong about nobody talking about black victims of black crimes, they care so little about black lives that they ignored the calls for cessation of inner city violence and pleas from leaders of the black community to stop gang violence. But they operate under the premise that if they don’t see it it doesn’t exist. Even after being shown that the black community has been addressing this issue they continue to regurgitate the same talking points unfazed by the truth.

And the second part of their complaint as to why Black people are not protesting black on black violence they reveal a profound ignorance of the English language. A protest is a public demonstration against those in authority, and if the crimes are being committed by regular citizens who are being arrested and prosecuted why on earth would the community protest against the authorities? But these pundits usually on Fox News already know this and seek to be divisive and mislead their audience about the true nature of the issues.

This brings us to the true reasons of the Black lives matter protests. These protests are in response to the lack of accountability for the murder of black people by non-black people (e.g. Zimmerman) and law enforcement. The major difference is that when the murderer is another black person not working for the government the system has no trouble arresting and prosecuting that individual. It is a serious problem that time after time there is no accountability when a law enforcement officer uses his official position as a shield against being held accountable and that the system allows this.

It’s amazing the people who are resistant to the Black lives movement and love to claim that “we don’t know what really happened but in the same breath argue against an indictment or even an arrest. So not only do they claim we don’t know what happened but they argue against us ever finding out the details that would be flushed out if these incidents were to go to trial.

Apparently some feel that there is danger of people placing too much importance on black lives so the blue lives matter and all lives matter phrases have sprung up in response. In response to the blue lives matter movement I ask a question can anyone point to a situation where a law enforcement officer has been murdered that has not resulted in an immediate and widespread manhunt for the killer or killers? And once this perpetrator is arrested if not killed is there any question if an indictment will issue?  Which means the system has made it quite clear that in the eyes of the law Blue lives definitely matter.

The All lives matter movement seems well meaning enough until you realize that too often the word all doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone saying it which is precisely why they don’t articulate who the all is and why the phrase is used as a retort to the call that Black lives matter. Because if these people truly felt that ALL Lives matter that would include Black lives and they would not feel compelled to “respond “to a statement they agreed with. It seems to me that some of the architects of these other lives matter slogans feel any importance placed on black lives is too much importance. Of course I know this doesn’t apply to all of you that use these other slogans so I urge you, if you feel that ALL lives matter feel free to say that Blue lives matter, feel free to say that all lives matter and please don’t forget to say that Black lives matter too.


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