Welcome to my brand new blog. I am Aaron Commey and I have decided to use my first post to let readers know what they can expect from my blog. Firstly, my blog is an editorial which I use to share my opinion with others. There will be facts contained in my blogs and I will provide my opinion on what those facts mean to me. I notice a lot of pundits use their platforms to preach to the choir, in other words to people that already agree with their opinion, but that is not the primary aim of my blog. I wish to reach out to people that may be undecided on certain issues and may have not given much consideration to alternative viewpoints for various reasons. I also want to reach out to individuals who may have formed opinions on certain issues that differ from my own opinions but are willing to give consideration to well-reasoned and intelligent points that do not necessarily coincide with their own conclusions. And of course as is most often the case when addressing individuals who have differing opinions many will no doubt have counter arguments or some form of critique to my statements, viewpoints and conclusions. I welcome intelligent, insightful and respectful comments on my blog whether in agreement or not. I hope you enjoy reading and participating in this blog as I enjoy writing it.


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